4 continents covered! | Millions of Stories

4 continents covered! | Millions of Stories.

We now have storytellers from 4 differents continents! We’re approaching our first milestone, which is to tell a story in each continent of the world.

Storytellers from South America and Africa, we need you! Register to our Story-A-Thon now and help fight against children trafficking!

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The Storytelling Events

German children performing a tale with selfmad...

German children performing a tale with selfmade puppets Haus der Künste in Frankfurt (Oder), around 1992 (Uploaded by Tilman Piesk – the boy with the hand puppet on this photo.) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

When I went to Chile few years ago for Christmas, I was amazed to assist with my daughter to a puppet show organized by the neighbors for the whole neighborhood. In Chile, Christmas is in summer, so it was a beautiful weather day and the show was held outside at the public place.

There was probably 50 children or more from all the neighborhood sitting in the middle of the place, listening for the show. That was an amazing moment for me, my daughter and for those children.

The lives of some of these children is not always easy, far less easy then mine has been. But at this very moment, while watching this puppet show, I could feel that nothing else existed for those children. For the few moment the show lasted, they forgot everything else. They were laughing together, enjoying this very special moment.

Even after the show was over, many children stayed at the public place and played together continuing to enjoy the moment for quite a while.

In My Story Dream, this is really how I envision the 1 million Storytelling Events organized by The Story Ambassadors all around the world.