What the Hell.com are you doing?

About 2 years ago, I read a novel titled Hell.com, from Patrick Senecal (which is apparently only available in french). This is an horror novel, probably the most horrible this author have ever written, at least from my perspective.

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Millions of Stories | Story-A-Thon

Millions of Stories | Story-A-Thon

Goal: 1.2 million of stories told to children all around the world

Get in to help rescue children caught in trafficking and exploitation around the world..

Maryse, stand up and tell the world you deserve to grow in peace | Millions of Stories

This morning, while driving to work, I heard a nice song on the radio. This song tells the story of a little girl, Maryse, bullied at school.

This post is for all bullied children in the world, in this International Day of Non-Violence, so they can stand up and tell the world they deserve to grow in peace.

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Help me to read, tell me a story!


HELP (Photo credit: marc falardeau)

Both my parents were teachers prior to retiring. My mother has been teaching first grade for quite a while She was the one by whom many children learned to read in our small town. When I was young, I heard all sort of stories about children learning to read.

Then I grew up and had children myself. One of the very first gift, my mother offered to my kids was a book. The babies weren’t even able to sit by themselves but they were looking at books while their grand-mother was telling them stories.

If you’ve been reading my previous posts, you know that I do absolutely love books myself. However, from time to time, while watching my mother tell stories to my baby daughter I was thinking: “Does she really understand what the book was about?”

Now my daughter grew as well, she is at school and has became a passionate reader. When we go to the library, she takes the maximum number of books possible (that’s 15!) and she read them all in less then 2 days over the week-end!

After watching my daughter read her books and be so passionate about them, I now know for sure that, when her grand-mother was telling her stories, my daughter understood what books were all about! It is now my turn to read stories to my younger boy, knowing that this can certainly make a huge difference in his life.

Reading to children all around the world is the best gift we can offer them. It will last for their whole life. Let’s together give them away more than 1 million of those gifts!