Slow Down… Tell a story to your kid! | Millions of Stories

Have you ever caught yourself in the urge of expediting the bedtime story for you kid in order to be able to quickly get back to important work to be done at night?

Have you ever been looking for short bedtime stories online? Maybe 1-minute bedtime story?

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What the are you doing?

About 2 years ago, I read a novel titled, from Patrick Senecal (which is apparently only available in french). This is an horror novel, probably the most horrible this author have ever written, at least from my perspective.

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4 continents covered! | Millions of Stories

4 continents covered! | Millions of Stories.

We now have storytellers from 4 differents continents! We’re approaching our first milestone, which is to tell a story in each continent of the world.

Storytellers from South America and Africa, we need you! Register to our Story-A-Thon now and help fight against children trafficking!

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Parents’ Self-Improvement | Millions of Stories

I’m convinced that books and stories are great tools to help children empower themselves and stay happy regardless of what life brings at them.

The same hold true for adults and parents in particular. You will find below some very useful resources I’ve used myself. My hope is that those resources became as helpful for you as they were for me.


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Maryse, stand up and tell the world you deserve to grow in peace | Millions of Stories

This morning, while driving to work, I heard a nice song on the radio. This song tells the story of a little girl, Maryse, bullied at school.

This post is for all bullied children in the world, in this International Day of Non-Violence, so they can stand up and tell the world they deserve to grow in peace.

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Pets Contest – New Generation

Pet Costume Contest 2009 - 103

Pet Costume Contest 2009 – 103 (Photo credit: sean94110)

Imagine yourself preparing you pet for a beauty contest… Have you seen any of these beauty contest for pets already? Everyone did, at least on TV. To bring your pet there, you need to spent several hours training it, preparing it. That requires lot of work for sure…

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Everyone like to be told stories

Tell Me a Story

Tell Me a Story (Photo credit: heraldpost)

Yesterday, my daughter recall me an important fact. We all like to be told stories! Of course, toddlers loves to sit on their parents laps to listen to a cute bedtime stories. However, we often forget that older children also loved to be told stories.

Those who follow me for a while know that my daughter loves to read. She learned to read only last year, but she is now reading, reading and reading every single book she can encounter. Therefore, since about 1 year, I didn’t tell her any story myself. She is just able to read on her own.

Yesterday she had a brilliant idea. She asked me to tell her a story. I was a bit surprised, but I loved the idea. So she brought a book and I started to read. That was a beautiful moment just between me and her. It was funny for me to see how the interaction was different between us, than the interaction I have with her little brother in similar circumstances. While I was reading, my daughter was asking me the meaning of the most complicated words. At other times, she was correcting my reading and from time to time both of us were commenting on what was happening in the story. We just had a lot of fun together.

Then, after the first chapter, I got a bit tired and asked her to read the next chapter. What was my surprise to hear her reading aloud to me! She was so proud to read for me. Honestly, she was reading very very well. She was reading loud with expression, sometimes changing the voices for the different characters. That was a huge change compared to how she speaks on day to day. She usually speaks very softly. It was then my turn to feel so proud of her.

Apparently, she enjoyed the experience as much as I did because, again today, she asked me to read for her and she read for me.

For me, this was yet another time when a story had created a beautiful moment between a girl and her father.

Have you though of offering to read a story to your older children lately? If not, try do so at the most appropriate moment. They might be surprised of the offer and you might be surprised of the answer!