4 continents covered! | Millions of Stories

4 continents covered! | Millions of Stories.

We now have storytellers from 4 differents continents! We’re approaching our first milestone, which is to tell a story in each continent of the world.

Storytellers from South America and Africa, we need you! Register to our Story-A-Thon now and help fight against children trafficking!

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Millions of Stories | Story-A-Thon

Millions of Stories | Story-A-Thon

Goal: 1.2 million of stories told to children all around the world

Get in to help rescue children caught in trafficking and exploitation around the world..

Parents’ Self-Improvement | Millions of Stories

I’m convinced that books and stories are great tools to help children empower themselves and stay happy regardless of what life brings at them.

The same hold true for adults and parents in particular. You will find below some very useful resources I’ve used myself. My hope is that those resources became as helpful for you as they were for me.


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Maryse, stand up and tell the world you deserve to grow in peace | Millions of Stories

This morning, while driving to work, I heard a nice song on the radio. This song tells the story of a little girl, Maryse, bullied at school.

This post is for all bullied children in the world, in this International Day of Non-Violence, so they can stand up and tell the world they deserve to grow in peace.

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