The Story Ambassadors

Holbein's The Ambassadors is a complex work wh...

Holbein’s The Ambassadors is a complex work whose iconography remains the subject of debate (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Yesterday, I wrote that My Story Dream was to tell more than 1 million stories to children all around the world. Way too many children in the world do not have the immense chance I had to grow in a family where stories are an integral part of the life.

In my dream, I’m also seeing Story Ambassadors in each country, looking for those children in need of stories and organizing story telling events for them.

How nice would it be to bring some smiles, hope and happiness to those children, for at least a couple of minutes?

What if by telling stories to those children we could give them hope to have the life they deserve to have?


2 thoughts on “The Story Ambassadors

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