My Story Dream


Dream (Photo credit: jbelluch)


If you were lucky as I were, your parents told you stories almost every day when you were young and you have nice recollections of your father inventing a story just for you, or of your mother showing you an amazing book. Maybe now, you are also a parent telling stories to your own children and just enjoying this extraordinary moment you share with your little ones. Just like I am now.


This is where my own dream was born. In my life, I also had the chance to travel around the world quite a bit already and I can’t stop telling myself that every single children in the world deserve to be told stories like I was.


There comes Millions of stories, aiming to tell more than a 1,000,000 stories to children all around the world who unfortunately are not currently experiencing this great feeling of being taken into another world in their books where everyone is happy and nice things happen.


Check the About page for more details.



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